Dr Balloon’s Science Adventure (20 May)

Dr Balloon’s Science Adventure – Learn science the fun way with Dr Balloon and her wacky ways!

Coming all the way from the United Kingdom this May is Rebecca Kitter, a seemingly mild-mannered, bespectacled woman who prefers to go by the name Becky. That is until she swaps her glasses for goggles and transforms into Dr Balloon herself!

Flaunting curly hair and a white lab coat matched with striking candy cane socks, it is rather safe to assume that this is no ordinary scientist. Her secret lab follows suit, for it is in no way a standard testing room where emotionless, by-the-book analyses are conducted. Think out-of-the-box experiments. Think exciting scientific discoveries. Think children’s faces lighting up in awe.

Getting a young one to pay undivided attention during lessons can be a difficult task at times (cue vigorous nodding from those in the know) but this esteemed doctor makes it look so easy. Masterfully wielding her props – mostly balloons of course – she makes light work demonstrating the fundamental principles and laws of science!

Standing and cavorting before dozens of eagerly-watching eyes, her sometimes eccentric but always entertaining antics never ceases to blow young minds. Dr Balloon’s bright theatrics and lovable demeanour shine through as she gracefully utilises science to produce magical spectacles and effects, effectively imprinting valuable knowledge on the minds of little ones.

It is by no means a strictly one-woman act however, as she ropes the kids in on the thrills, getting them to assist her in various exciting ways to test hypotheses, investigate theories and conduct experiments. No matter the setting and situation, it’s always a barrel of laughs, especially when something unexpectedly spectacular happens!

There is a reason why a cheery, lively disposition comes so naturally to Kitter; this gifted balloon artist is also an acclaimed actress, having appeared in more than one British TV series. She played herself in the investigative documentary Scream Team, but it’s her portrayal of Ma Ha Ha in the live-action production Ha Ha Hairies and Mrs. Pufferbang in the family show Grandpa in My Pocket that showcases her innate ability to connect with children.  

Dr Balloon’s performances are suitable for toddlers as young as two, so it’s time to round up the young ‘uns and take them on a fun-filled, educational and balloonatic adventure! 

Dr Balloon’s Science Adventure
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
WHEN 11am, 2.30pm, 5.30pm (20 May)
TEL 03 7932 1001

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