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Chef Johnny Fua firmly believes that a person feasts with the eyes before tasting it with the tongue. In this respect, he treats each and every plate as a singular piece of art, with even the most basic of ingredients transformed into a harmonic composition almost too beautiful to devour. A tiny taste however, and you’ll have wolfed the entire thing down before you even knew it existed. Adjectives such as delicious, sumptuous or mouthwatering simply don’t do justice to the vast flavor-scapes contained in these dishes…doing so would be an exercise in futility. You’ll have to experience them for yourself at Tanzini’s, located on level 28 and 29 of GTower, one of KL’s greenest new addresses, and the epitome of style, form and function.

Having opened its doors earlier this year, the eatery comprises two distinct sections, Tanzini on level 28, and Tanzini Upperdeck on level 29. What’s on offer is premium European cuisine with an Italian edge, combining modern cooking methods with heritage recipes and ingredients so fresh you’ll think the management is hiding a fully-fledged farm somewhere in the building. The tagline, afterall, reads from farm to table, a wholly appropriate maxim.

The clean cut interior of Tanzini is a study in understated elegance with a very contemporary feel to it. It’s enough to impress but minimalist enough to let the food shine. The terrace boasts breathtaking views over the KL skyline, making for the perfect pre or post dinner beverage spot. Catching the sun as it sets over the horizon with a cocktail in hand and a nice evening breeze to boot makes for the ideal romantic setting.

Gourmands and epicureans will want to make a beeline for Tanzini Upperdeck where an altogether more refined and chic interior reflects a more sophisticated menu. Each bite is meant to be an experience in itself and so the menu is served degustation style, a high culinary art that focuses not only on the gustatory system (the system responsible for our sense of taste), but of all our senses. Tasting portions of the chef’s signature recipes are immaculately presented and typically paired up with a matching wine. Good company is just as much a part of this experience as anything else, and so the meal extends well into eight or nine course territory, letting flavours develop on the palate and savoured over time, well after the respective dishes have been consumed.

Dining under the stars, as it were, with distinctive light fixtures and spectacular vistas over KL, Tanzini represents one of the city’s plushest new venues and hottest new entrants in the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival. With such a high standard of food and attention to detail, it fits like a glove into the premium dining lineup of restaurants the Festival boasts each year. Chef Johnny and his brigade may well sweep up at the awards ceremony at the end of the month-long dining extravaganza, and more than anything, we can’t wait to see what bite-sized samples he’ll serve up at Taste MIGF.

Those who may not typically dine in such opulent surroundings will have the chance to sample his food at the Theatre of Cuisines in Taste MIGF, or even attend one of his cooking classes where he’ll take you through his Reinterpreted Barramundi “Yee Tau Mai”. You won’t have another such opportunity so make sure to visit www.tastemigf.com to find out more about this fantastic event.

In the meantime, the kitchens at Tanzini are booming on a daily basis so you’ll do well to make reservations at least a week ahead of time, especially if you want a table on Friday or Saturday, as the Upperdeck has a maximum capacity of only 40 per dinner service. Do yourself a favour, splash out and indulge in this gourmet pleasure as soon as you can. It’s a food lover’s paradise.

Where: Level 28, GTower, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Reservation: 03 2168 1899

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