Light And Motion Putrajaya

Marking its fifth appearance, the Light And Motion Putrajaya is a much-anticipated event on the Malaysian tourism calendar. This annual festival makes use of light-based effects and shows to turn parts of the administrative capital into scintillating pieces of eye candy, as suggested by its name – whose acronym LAMPU coincidentally translates to lamp in the national language, Bahasa Melayu!

The largest event of its kind in Malaysia, LAMPU first saw the light of day as the Putrajaya Lighting Festival in 2013. This inaugural occurrence enjoyed considerable success, spawning a more comprehensive version in 2014, which also saw the adoption of the current official name.

It has since grown brighter each year, with some highly-favoured showcases on offer. The crowd-pleasing Projection Mapping is an example, entailing the use of clever technology to turn the façade of the Palace of Justice into a giant screen portraying dynamic, interactive displays that hold the ceaseless gaze of onlookers.

LAMPU 3R Structures, Garden Lighting and LAMPU Skywave were other offerings that received dazzling reviews last year. An array of additional events, including peripheral items such as the Car and Bike Light Show, wayang kulit plays and fire-eating performances made the festival all the more lustrous.

Glowing Expectations
Practically all these favourites and more will be making a comeback for LAMPU 2017, which also sees a number of fresh presentations. The mainstay event, the Grand Projection Mapping is a mandatory inclusion on a visitor’s itinerary, but it’s not the only highlight of the three-day festival.

Among the must-sees promised this year are The Kindle Garden, The Levitating Street, The Mystical Maze, The Vibrant Street, Creativity 3R and the digital fireworks display. There are also a spectrum of additional events to sink your teeth into, such as the Light Fashion Show, Luminous Ride, The LAMPU Arena, The Glorious Truck and various street performances. 

All in all, over 20 events are scheduled to entertain the crowd, each with its own take on the LAMPU theme. Looking at the popularity of the past festivals (which have attracted over 1 million visitors in total) and the universal appeal of the exhibits (which can make any pair of eyes sparkle), it doesn’t take a lightbulb over your head to realise that this is a brilliant way to spend a late-December evening.

Light And Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU)
Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3, Putrajaya
WHEN 8pm (28-31 Dec)
TEL 03 8887 7632

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