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It’s no secret that fashion and art go hand-in-hand. Artists get their inspiration from the world around them, much like fashion designers do, and history is filled with examples of fashion and art informing each other, resulting in partnerships that thrill, stimulate and enthrall.

That’s where BONIA’s collaboration with Kakiseni comes in. In an effort to promote this kind of interconnectedness to Malaysia, the luxury fashion brand have joined forces with one of the art scene’s leading platforms to reach out and highlight some of the nation’s biggest artists.

Kakiseni President Low Ngai Yuen explains how this collaboration will help put the spotlight on Malaysian artists

For the first co-operative venture, BONIA commissioned renowned local artists Long Thien Shih and Monica Lee to produce three original artworks that tell the story of BONIA as seen through their eyes.

Known for his skill with a paintbrush, Long created Life, a colourful piece that embodies the brand identity of BONIA as vibrant and fashion forward.

Long Thien Shih and his painting Life

Water by Long Thien Shih

“The three ingredients of life – sun, air and water – are represented by visual cues,” he explains. “The shadow indicates sunlight, while the feather and the beaker symbolise air and water respectively.”

Meanwhile, former digital artist Monica Lee, who creates realistic portraits of people and animals, drew Majestic Beauty using only very fine pencils.

The stunning masterpiece features a magnificent jaguar, which Monica believes is the perfect personification of BONIA’s brand DNA.

“I chose the spotted jaguar firstly because it is an animal that is associated with femininity, and secondly because it is a majestic animal that represents the brand’s ideals of elegance, beauty and strength,” she said.

Majestic Beauty by Monica Lee

Artist Monica Lee and The Playful Bunch

Other artworks created for this collaboration include Long’s Water to highlight BONIA’s work to reduce its impact on the environment, and Monica Lee’s The Playful Bunch to showcase the brand’s fun and carefree side.

All of the artists’ works will be on show at BONIA’s flagship boutique, over at Pavilion Elite KL, along with time-lapse videos of the artists working on their respective pieces.

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