Stellar Sounds Of Incubus

Having achieved cult status is something few bands can attest to and remaining relevant for almost three decades is an even rarer feat. Incubus has released eight successful albums in that time, reaching multi-platinum status and collecting awards along the way. They last visited Malaysia in 2011 on their If Not Now, When? tour and this month they clock in their fourth visit, taking over the intimate KL Live.

One of the hallmarks of this immensely popular Californian quintet, and no doubt a reason why they’ve remained as such, is their genre-bending sound and almost unclassifiable nature. Over the course of their career they’ve skidded along the rock spectrum, morphing from harder numetal sounds to incorporate everything from funk and jazz to hip hop and even techno.

Frontman Brandon Boyd, a creative force who is also the author of three books, a visual artist, activist and philanthropist, cites a diverse set of influences including Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Primus, Beastie Boys and The Police among others, all of which can be

heard in their output. Add to this their use of instruments like the djembe, sitar, didgeridoo, pipa, and a DJ (one of the only rock band’s to still employ one), and you’re left with the inimitable sound of Incubus.

Last year the band dropped their eighth studio album, 8, which sees a semi-return to grungier sounds with a more anthem-esque feel. A few of the songs are laced with crunchy riffs and funky scratches, much in the same vein as their first few albums. Guitarist Mike Einziger steps back to the forefront which will please many of their old-school fans.

Their concert this month will feature a set list mostly composed of 8, with hopefully a few classics thrown in like Drive, Make Yourself and Pardon Me. Whatever the case, it’ll be a live synthesis of funk, rock, bounce and slam that the band’s live shows are known for.

Incubus Live in Kuala Lumpur 2018 Malaysia
WHERE KL Live, Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 8pm (13 Feb)
TEL 03 9222 8811

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