Classic Chinese Theatre With Peking Man

What if all the wealth you once had started slipping through your fingers? What would you do to stop your family from falling apart? Peking Man, the final work of renowned Chinese playwright Cao Yu, tells of the struggles of Zeng Hao, the patriarch of a feudal household and once scholarly family, who dreams of bygone days.

To mark the 110th anniversary of the renowned Chinese drama, the Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat and MUKA Space are presenting a four-day run of the production directed by Beijing-based multiple award-winning director Dr Deric Gan – his first project written by a Chinese playwright.


Vivienne Oon

Ruby Yap

Gan channels the gloom in Peking Man through an intense setting – an old Soviet clock in the background, pigeons caged alone and walls that look like they’re collapsing. He brings the audience behind the closed doors of Zeng Hao’s home, where a battle between three generations wages, causing the slow but steady decline of a once tightly knit family.

His opium-addicted son is a financial drain with no ambition and his son-in-law is no better, edging the family ever closer to bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the girls in the family yearn to break free from the suppressive chains that keep them restrained.

The play is a modern tragicomedy, with Gan adding touches of satire and ridicule shown in some of the heated arguments between characters. At the same time, he also reveals the conflict and catastrophes they face with sympathy and compassion.

A director of five back-to-back award-winning productions and with a winning streak in the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2016-2017, Gan is guaranteed to bring audiences a ground-breaking show with Peking Man. With an impressive cast including the likes of MayJune Tan, Grace Looi, Ruby Yap, Vivienne Onn and Tan Li Yang, Peking Man will rock emotions and have the audience’s heart racing with its captivating and moving storyline. Ongoing

Peking Man
WHERE Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
WHEN 8.30pm (Dec 14-17), 3pm (Dec 16-17)
TEL 03 4047 9000

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