Latest Additions To TREC

Regarded by many as the main port of call for nocturnal entertainment in the city, TREC has all the trappings to ensure visitors can handsomely indulge in the actions that make up its acronym – Taste, Relish, Experience, Celebrate.

The multi-zoned, seven-acre venue along Jalan Tun Razak contains a few dozen outlets tailored for the hair-down and party-up lifestyle, and the directory keeps swelling with new names every year. This motley trio are among the freshest picks on the block.

Boogy Boo KL

You might have to resist the urge to do a cannonball whenever you come across one of these at a fast food joint or a mall. Ball pits are usually reserved for kids only, after all. At Boogy Boo, however, you are not just allowed to dive into the colourful mass, you are encouraged to!

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