18th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship – Win Tickets Today!

The biennial Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship is back in Resorts World Genting this December for its 18th edition. Lion dance enthusiasts will not want to miss the chance to watch some jaw-dropping performances and stunts by local lion dance troupes.

The participating teams hail from various parts of the country – 19 teams from East Malaysia, 16 teams from the Central Peninsular, 12 teams from the Southern Peninsular and 14 teams from the Northern Peninsular.

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Contest Details: 
Here’s your chance to win tickets to the 18th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship!

Click here to enter the contest by answering two questions about the championship. The closing date is 17 November, so don’t miss your chance to catch this exciting lion dance showcase!

We are giving 12 winners the opportunity to win tickets to the semi-final and final of the 18th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship! Eight winners will be winning tickets worth RM24 to the semi-finals and four will be winning tickets worth RM64 to the finals.

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