EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk Touches Down

Take your VR experience to the next level with EXA Global. Full-body, untethered Virtual Reality gaming is about to hit Malaysia in a big way and it’s unlike any VR gaming that’s been seen in the country before.

With a completely wireless system that allows one to roam freely in an open space, suited-up with EXA Gear – player-wearable technology consisting of backpacks, guns, headsets, batteries and charging system – EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk is a jaw-dropping experience that engages the senses like no other video game.

Created by EXA Global – under the umbrella of digital entertainment and technology company Havson Group – EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk is essentially a next-level sci-fi shooting game involving up to four players who carry out their mission in a completely empty space. Empty to the naked eye, but behind the headsets, the fully immersive Dimension 12 populated by alien creatures.

EXA-Global-Revealing-its-First-Mission-In-Southeast Asia

Players begin their mission in the Ingress Room where they are briefed by a certain Commander Rick, who mentors them through their training. As the story unfolds, players are lead into a graphically enhanced Mission Room before being dispatched to an unexplored realm where they must navigate the landscape and work together as a team to succeed in their mission.

Further on down the line as more aspects are introduced, players will also be able to track improvements to their characters, upgrade their weapons and body armour, adding continuity to the game.  

“SetiaWalk Outpost is a project of exploration; we invite friends and family to explore, to engage, to defend and return home with an experience which they can share with one another. The moment they book their tickets, we want them to experience the story together as a team,” says EXA Global CEO Richard Lee.

EXA-Global-Revealing-its-First-Mission-In-Southeast Asia

EXA-Global-Revealing-its-First-Mission-In Southeast Asia
EXA Global CEO Richard Lee giving a rundown of SetiaWalk Outpost

EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk currently consists of two rooms – one dedicated to the games, and a Hyper-Reality Arcade Entertainment Centre where visitors can indulge in VR arcade games.

This VR theme park is leading the way in the next generation of family entertainment centres, and is a must stop for any self-respecting gamer or sci-fi fan. The beacon has been set and the portal opened – make your way to the Outpost now!

EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk 
B-11-1, Block B Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor
RM65 nett (pre-opening special – buy 1 free 1)
TEL 03 8051 6333

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