Running With The Wolves

EVER WATCHED A HORROR film where the protagonist is fleeing from terrors in the dark, only to get caught because they tripped over something, and promptly thought to yourself ‘I would totally have escaped’? Well, here’s your chance to walk the talk – or should we say run? – in BloodRunner 2015, the first werewolf-themed urban obstacle night race in Asia by Sw1tch Strategies.

For 5,000 brave souls, the chip-timed race begins on the night of 31 July in Putrajaya. Sweet salvation lies at the end of a 10km stretch, but can they overcome the challenging obstacles and nightmarish horrors that stand in their way? To ensure the best chances of survival, runners will be released at five-minute intervals from the starting point with 22 waves of 250 runners per wave.

Only those above 18 may join as children are too small to draw the interest of werewolves, and participants will be divided into categories according to their age. Complete the race and receive a finisher t-shirt and a medal, as well as bragging rights.

Over ten obstructions lie on the path to glory, and only the toughest will survive. Like other courses such as the Viper Challenge, runners will only get one chance to complete each hurdle.

Succeed and move on without penalty; fail and endure the scorn of the nightstalkers as you perform your penance! Among them are two obstacles named ‘Mount Agony’ and ‘Black Walls’, and there may be other surprises lying in wait so prepare yourself…

Don’t be scared – you are not alone! Family and friends can come to the festival ground at the event for free to cheer you on. Meanwhile, they can munch from some of the KlangValley’s most popular food trucks, and live entertainment will distract them from fretting over your probability of escape.

Fancy your chances? Take the plunge and prove yourself a true BloodRunner. Train for the big day with the help of training videos by District 13 Gym and be on site at least 90-120 minutes before your assigned wave. But beware – the werewolves are out for blood!







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