Roger Vivier’s SS18 Collection Hits KL

It’s an iconic brand in the fashion world, and a very sought-after one at that. Its eye-catching creations have been regularly flaunted by the who’s who on the red carpet for decades on end, perhaps most notably by Queen Elizabeth herself during her coronation in 1953. The works of art that come out of its design house are proudly topped with a stylised ‘RV’.

V Type Jewels

There is no mistaking what the initials stand for – Roger Vivier, a name belonging to a very-talented Frenchman. Since building his reputation as a very capable shoe designer in the 1930s, he has made leaps and bounds on the catwalk with his revolutionary take on fashion. Take his Choc and Virgule heel styles, launched in 1959 and 1963 respectively, with their distinctive curves. Then came the emblematic buckle embellishment in 1965, which would become a defining trait of the brand.

Blooming RV

Fresh Looks, Steeped In Heritage
Roger Vivier’s spring/summer 2018 (SS18) line-up incorporates these signature age-old traits with a generous helping of modern elements, and the end result is a collection that doesn’t cease to reel in attention. Propelling the vision of the late Vivier is Creative Director of the house, Bruno Frisoni.

A quick glance over the range reveals that the stars of the show are undoubtedly the shoe and the bag of the season; the former being the Choc and the latter the Viv‘ Cabas.

La’Bel Choc

The Choc heel stands out due to its distinguishing shape, a gently curved form that sees the tip of the heel ever-so-slightly fore of the seat. For SS18, Frisoni divulges, the Choc heel is honed to perfection. “An edgier heel, devoted body and soul to a woman’s legs.”

Viv’ Cabas Shirting Mini

Featuring crisp lines, and seamlessly blending simplicity and sophistication, the chic Viv‘ Cabas has several variations for different applications. The buckle makes itself conspicuous on the front to add a dose of character, while serving as the actual latch release. Matching a boyfriend-style shirt is the natural raffia canvas with leather stripes; a classic French theme.

These gems and many more from the Roger Vivier SS18 Collection are available at the sole Roger Vivier  boutique in Malaysia, located at Level 2, Pavilion KL. For a taster, treat your eyes by checking out the gallery below.

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