Rays Of Hope Charity Bazaar 2017

5 October 2017:  
Launched in conjunction with World Sight Day, this new charity initiative aims to raise funds for the visually impaired

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blind? What would it feel like to be robbed of what many consider the most important sense? How would you navigate the complexities of the world in total darkness? Well, you can experience the world the way the blind do in the Dialogue in The Dark Experience Room at the Rays of Hope Charity bazaar this 14 and 15 October at Anggun City.   

Visitors will be taken out of their comfort zone as they enter pitch black surroundings where blind guides provide a sense of security, guiding them as they go along. Participants will also learn how to rely on other senses instead and to pick up on cues that may have been ‘invisible’ before.  

Bugz Studio Project Director Ivie Ong and SEGI University Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Azrin E Ariffin along with other VIPs at the Rays of Hope Charity Bazaar launch
Dialogue in The Dark and Hope of Light Founder Steven Chan

By giving visitors a chance to experience a world without sight, Dialogue in The Dark hopes to educate the public on not just what the visually impaired go through on a daily basis, but how they can help us. Other workshops include Concert in The Dark, Art in The Dark and Sharing in The Dark, all aimed at drawing empathy not merely sympathy, towards the situation.

To date, Dialogue in The Dark is present in over 40 countries and has helped thousands of blind guides and trainers find employment. The award-winning social enterprise continues to expand its reach and provide a life-changing experience to millions of visitors around the world.

The Rays of Hope bazaar will also feature an exhibition of 48 giant emoji balls, which will be up for sponsorship. Special emoji souvenirs will be for sale, designed by Rays of Hope ambassadors including singer-songwriter Aki Huang, acclaimed stage director Yang Wei Han, TV host Owen Yap and local pop duo Fuying & Sam.

All proceeds from the sponsorship and souvenir sales go towards supporting the House of Light’s tuition programme for the underprivileged and visually impaired. House of Light is another social enterprise under Dialogue in The Dark that offers virtual, online courses for youth and is 100% accessible for visually impaired students.

There will also be a Green Smiling Adoption Drive, featuring 3,000 sunflower plants forming a giant smiley face. Plants are up for adoption from RM50 onwards per plant, and all proceeds will go towards the tuition programme as well as the ‘i-Learn Ace’ and ‘Eco-Farmer’ projects.

With plenty of activities, stage performances, games, and booths for you to shop, eat and drink lined-up over the two-day period, Rays of Hope is set to be a fun-filled, and eye-opening, event for the entire family. Make sure to swing by next weekend!

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