Ramadhan Repast

The most sacred month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadhan is a period where Muslims observe 29-30 days of fasting and engage in spiritual reflection and renew their faith. It is also meant for them to practise discipline, understand sacrifice and learn empathy for the less fortunate.

During this time, they are allowed to consume food and drink in a pre-fast meal (sahur) before dawn, then fast until sunset, at which time the fast-breaking meal (iftar) may begin. Dates are commonly the first items consumed in honour of Prophet Muhammad, who broke his fast with three dates according to traditional lore. After a brief adjournment for the Maghrib prayer, fourth of the five daily prayers, the main meal is served.

Many hotels and restaurants cater to the Ramadhan crowd with special buffet menus that focus on traditional delicacies such as rendang (a spicy meat dish), gulai ikan (fish in curry sauce), lontong (rice roll in banana leaf) and more. Otherwise, go on a food hunt within the multitude of Ramadhan bazaars that pop up around the fasting month.

An incredible array of dishes become available as hundreds of stalls mushroom up almost everywhere from 4pm onwards, with the most popular found in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kampung Baru, Bukit Bintang and Wangsa Maju. Though Malay delights are naturally in abundance, hawkers of all sorts bring a cornucopia of flavours as Malaysians are ultimately all about good food.

Start off with popiah basah (soft spring rolls) and otak-otak (grilled fish cake), go hearty with ayam percik (spicy barbecued chicken) and ikan bakar (grilled fish), then finish on a sweet note with cendol (shaved ice dessert) and apam balik (stuffed pancakes).

Or try the hundreds of other dishes on offer! For a truly authentic experience, the Iftar@KL event combines a daily Ramadhan bazaar with a weekly iftar at Jalan Raja on the weekends beginning from 20 June to 12 July. The iftar event is free to attend and everyone is welcome. Join the hundreds of people enjoying meals right there on the street in the spirit of togetherness while being entertained by Islamicthemed performances.

Come be a part of our Ramadhan celebrations and see the diverse potpourri of culture that unites us as Malaysians. Happy Ramadhan!


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