A Private Show of JC Sum

Internationally-renowned magician JC Sum debuted his new show to an enthusiastic audience of corporate representatives and members of the media at Live House KL. The Singaporean’s technology-themed tricks from new show iFrame wowed the exclusive guestlist during his 45-minute programme, which is truly the first of its kind to be showcased on Malaysian shores.

The show involves a myriad of stunning tech-centric illusions, which included magically transforming a smart phone into a digital tablet, shrinking a smart phone to half its size, interactive visual effects with the tablet, making money appear and disappear from within the eponymous iFrame and conjuring a confetti snowstorm from thin air.

“Four years in the making, this is a fresh act, and one that I’m excited to debut for the first time here in Malaysia. The innovation behind the iFrame and the way that the act combines technology with art and magic is truly an exciting experience” explained Sum.

“The idea of presenting magic and illusion in such a unique way and in this form is relatively unknown to most Malaysians. I’m hoping to change all that, to show people how diverse and fascinating this age-old art can be.”

A highly respected figure in the industry, Sum was presented with the award for Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Magic in 2013 and was honoured with the Patrons of Magic award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 in 2012.

His ability to perform effortlessly in English and Mandarin has made him an asset to international companies looking to appeal to an Asian audience.

To learn more about this exceptionally gifted illusionist and for details of his upcoming shows, visit jcsum.com

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