The Oak Room

Hidden away at the back of Nexus Bangsar, lies the elite haunt known as The Oak Room, otherwise only open to selected members acquired through invitation, but which has been exclusively opened to the public during the month of MIGF.

Their menu is an international fusion of Western and Asian cuisine, designed to cater to a wide range of tastes, while the décor is luxurious and tastefully finished. Head Chef Fong Teck Fei is a young, talented cook who has gone above and beyond in crafting his first MIGF menu.

Getting a chance to enjoy the food that night was Tunku Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar Tunku Laxamana Negeri Sembilan, Festival Advisory Committee Member Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah Binti Al-Marhum Tuanku Ja’afar and Tunku Datin Mir’atun Madihah binti Tunku Mudzaffar, as well as the former Minister of Tourism Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen; Ranjit Thomas & Kula Advocate and Solicitor Dato’ Sabaratnam Kulasegaran; SME Bank Bhd & Scomi Energy Services Independent Director Datuk Jamelah Jamaluddin and lastly, LBS Bina Group Berhad Senior General Manager Puan Sri Karen Lim, who was present for her first MIGF dinner.

Entering the Oak Room feels somewhat like entering another world, an appropriate setting for a Galactic themed MIGF Dinner; its ceiling features a collection of terraced rings anchoring the bar at the centre of the restaurant.

Luxury is what The Oak Room does best

The Oak’s Room signature mocktail Spice of Oak – a refreshing lemonade infused with sours and spices – was served to the eager guests before dinner, together with three types of canapés: barbeque smoked duck with chili con salsa, quiche tuna with dill cream cheese, and confit tomato with mozzarella cheese; each whetting the appetites of the diners. They were also entertained by a pair of skilled musicians, whose classically inspired performances suited the grand locale.

Mouth-watering canapés

Spice of Oak mocktails

Dr. Marina Chen, Datuk Jamelah Jamaluddin, Tunku Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar, Tunku Datin Mir’atun Madihah binti Tunku Mudzaffar, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen and Terence F. Mahony

Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah Binti Al-Marhum Tuanku Ja’afar, Dato’ James Iskandar Ja’afar Greaves and Tunku Datin Mir’atun Madihah binti Tunku Mudzaffar

Sin Cheang Loong, Puan Sri Karen Lim, Winnie Sin, Dato’ Kee Hua Chee, Datin Josephine Tong and Andrew Teh

Datin Su Wai Fun, Lillian Too, Too Wan Jin and Winnie Sin

Dato’ Larry Gan Nyap Liou, Allan Pillai, Brendon Lee and Dato’ Steve Day

Dato’ Richard Teo, Datin Winnie Loo and Andrew Teh

Datin Gisela and Dato’ Sabaratnam Kulasegaran

Dr. Marina Chen, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Datuk Jamelah Jamaluddin and Joan Foo Mahony


Regina Joyce Toyad, Kristine Goh and Stef Lim

Allan Pillai, Lee Chia Ying and Dato’ Larry Gan Nyap Liou

The evening started with an amuse-bouche, a light smoked salmon with marinated mushrooms lightly topped with caviar, followed by an appetiser of seared hamachi with beetroot and raspberry condiment, dashi and sumac paired with some fine Sauvignon Blanc.

The amuse-bouche: smoked salmon with marinated mushrooms lightly topped with caviar

Seared Hamachi with Beetroot and Raspberry Condiment, Dashi and Sumac

Then came the crowd-pleaser dish of pan-fried foie gras with duo of pear, onion marmalade and mixed cress, which won rave reviews from Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, Dato’ James Iskandar Ja’afar Greaves and Joan Foo Mahony who all loved the crispy sear on the foie gras.

Chef Fong Teck Fei prepares the entrée of Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Duo of Pear, Onion Marmalade and Mixed Cress

Meanwhile, Puan Sri Karen Lim loved the menu’s next dish – a consommé of golden melon with dumpling, a broth with an unexpected, slightly sweet taste.

Consommé of Golden Melon with Dumpling

Next, the main course of pot roasted black cod with chickpeas puree, sun blushed tomato in vine and lemon thyme veloute was served with mouth-watering garnishings. Datuk Jamelah Jamaluddin really enjoyed this course for the fish’s melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Pot Roasted Black Cod with Chickpeas Puree, Sun Blushed Tomato in Vine and Lemon Thyme Veloute

At this point, a cool lime sorbet with a passionfruit reduction was served to prepare diners for the spectacular meat main course: a pan-fried rack of lamb set onto yellow kumara ragout napped with wild rustic sauce. According to Chef Fong, this dish is a signature dish on their a la carte menu, but was placed on the Festival menu so even non-members can sample this delightful mix of flavours and tenderly cooked lamb.

A refreshing palate cleanser of lime sorbet with a passionfruit reduction

Pan-Fried Rack of Lamb set onto Yellow Kumara Ragout napped with Wild Rustic Sauce

What better way to finish a grand meal than with a stunning dessert? And this was certainly true with Chef’s glorious strawberries pavlova, a confection of cream and sugar decorated with raspberries and strawberries.

Strawberries Pavlova

Lastly, while guests were served delicious petit fours (a selection of miniature cakes and macaroons) and coffee or tea, MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day closed the night, by thanking all the kitchen staff and waiters for a great meal an excellent service.

Delicious Mignardises

Tunku Naquiyuddin also added his closing remarks, mentioning that it was his second time at The Oak Room, and that it was lovely to be pampered once more by Chef Fong and his team. He noted that the dinner was very well-attended, a sure sign of The Oak Room’s future success.

The team of The Oak Room were given a warm congratulation by Dato’ Steve Day

Everyone gathers for a group photo at The Oak Room’s Wine Lounge

Relishing the full Festival Menu at The Oak Room is RM188 nett per person without wine, and RM268 nett per person with wine. To view the menu, click here and to read more about Chef Fong Teck Fei, click here.

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