The National Craft Day Is Back!

According to organisers Malaysia Handicraft Development Corporation (an agency under Ministry of Tourism and Culture), the National Craft Day strives to introduce the creations and capabilities of craft entrepreneurs from across the country to those outside of the field – thus stimulating the growth of this niche industry and granting it strength to be a viable component of the national economy.

Craft exhibitors make full use of the space available to showcase their products and talents

Running for just shy of two weeks at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex located on Jalan Conlay, the annual event does not pull punches when it comes to showcasing just what the local handicraft scene has to offer. The close to 400 craft entrepreneurs on site are sure to help this cause.

Eye-catching is just one adjective that applies to the sea of craft that fill the area

This year marks the 15th iteration of the proceedings and concentrates on the concept of Native Art, paying particular attention to the traditional motifs of Malaysian ethnic communities, and looks at how they have undergone modern interpretations in fashion, street art and graffiti art.

The crafters don’t shy away from divulging the processes that go into the making of their products

A comprehensive list of diverse activities centred on the industry entices the masses, nurturing their interest and furnishing them with knowledge on the home-grown productions. These include craft sales, exhibitions, demonstrations and even cultural performances. Highlights would be heritage craft showcases, traditional weapon fabrication and young talent presentations.

Traditional weapons like the keris require immense skill and work to fashion, proof of the abilities of their creators

Expect to encounter tonnes of crafts at the event, ranging in category from textiles, forest products, crops and metal. Feast your eyes on the attractive offerings, including clothing, accessories, architecture, interior and exterior design creations.

Live demonstrations offer a window into how the craftsmen turn raw material into works of art

Feel free to ask the purveyors how these unique products were put together, and if anything catches your fancy, don’t be afraid to try it on for size! There is also bound to be several items that would work wonderfully as gifts and decorative souvenirs. With everything from Batik designs and Songket fabrics to handmade furniture, this is the place to be if you are after authentic Malaysian craft.

Fashionable creations are also to be found, each one making an excellent case to get into your wardrobe

Since 2017 is the Visit Perak, Pahang and Terengganu Year, the National Craft Day allocates special emphasis to the beguiling crafts and culture of these three amazing states.

Don’t just watch the masters, get into the thick of the action and put your skills to the test too!

There are a host of other interests and entertainment available for the perusal of visitors as well, such as a Batik colouring contest, fashion shows, traditional cuisine demonstrations and a singing competition!

National Craft Day
WHERE Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex
WHEN 10am-10pm (22 February – 6 March)
TEL 03 2162 7459

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