Music Magic With Harry Potter

Get whisked away to Hogwarts at Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone In Concert

Ever wanted to dive into a Pensieve and relive an enchanting tale you’ve kept in a special corner of your mind? While it’s not quite a magical basin that stores memories, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre will do the trick come 15 and 16 July!

When it first hit the bookshelves 20 years ago, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone became an overnight sensation. It’s an incredible story of a small and skinny lad who lived his childhood not knowing that the scar on his forehead makes him a celebrated hero in another world. That is until a mountain of a man bursts through the door, brandishing a peculiar umbrella and uttering words like ‘muggle’, ‘wizard’ and ‘Hogwarts’!  

As Harry found friends and adventure in the wizarding world and learned about He Who Must Not Be Named, readers were right there beside him. Later on, a young Daniel Radcliffe brought the character to life on the silver screen, alongside equally fresh-faced Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Under The Wand
The movie is magic to both eyes and ears, delivering over two hours of wonder, excitement and of course, spells. Among the elements that stayed with the audience was the mesmerising score by renowned composer John Williams. It stuck like a pleasant symphonic earworm, and it has led to the creation of something truly spectacular. It’s time to say alohomora to unlock the door to an immersive new way of enjoying the story of the Boy Who Lived!

In Malaysia for the first time, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone In Concert promises to be an unprecedented, ethereal experience. In this production, every portion of the score will be performed live by an orchestra as the movie plays on a 40-foot screen, sending everyone in the hall down memory lane, completely engulfed by the audio-visual excellence. Powerful notes invigorating every scene from Privet Drive to the Forbidden Forest? Sounds like a spellbinding arrangement alright.

This showcase, part of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series by Warner Bros. and CineConcerts, will thrill Potterheads and newcomers alike – so save your place before tickets disappear like something left in a Vanishing Cabinet!

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone In Concert
Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
7pm (15 and 16 July)


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