Magnum Celebrates Chocolate Pleasure

Renowned as a premium ice cream brand for its signature chocolate-coated vanilla bars on a stick, Magnum recently launched its ‘Celebrate Chocolate Pleasure’ campaign at Marble 8 to cement its status as a leading name in the world of frozen treats.

Guests waiting in line to try out a mini version of Magnum’s popular Make My Magnum infinity bar

Magnum made waves in Kuala Lumpur with the opening of its first Magnum Café at Mid Valley Megamall in November last year. This time, the wrappers themselves are the focus with four of the five Magnum flavours – Classic, Almond, Chocolate Brownie and Gold – sporting a luxurious new packaging design that hints at the delectable treat contained within.

The new design of Magnum Almond packaging

The attractive new design displays the distinctive ‘M’ logo in bold relief, further highlighting the Magnum brand, as well as the famous Belgian Chocolate Crack – that distinctive snap of Belgian chocolate when one bites into it to reveal the cold vanilla goodness within.

Carey Ng, Dato’ Dr Farah Khan, and Hu Yanliang at the Celebrating Chocolate Pleasure campaign launch

In an innovative collaboration, Magnum teamed up with style icon and notable fashion designer Dato’ Dr Farah Khan to present the Pleasure Seekers Collection, inspired by all five Magnum flavours and translated into fashion by the vision of Dato’ Dr Farah.


“What do you get when chocolate decadence meets the finest aesthetic of fashion creations?” asked Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director of Unilever Holdings Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

“A unique yet exciting fashion collaboration between Magnum and Farah Khan, an international label whose brand DNA showcases versatility in every luxurious, bold and glamorous statement creations, featuring hand beaded dresses inspired by the five flavours of Magnum ice creams,” he said.

Dazzling Magnum ice cream replicas in funky designs by Dato’ Dr Farah Khan portraying a pleasurable picture

The special capsule collection opened with models in signature Farah Khan sweatshirts that proudly declared them as ‘Pleasure Seekers’ in embellished letters, along with colourful Magnum ice creams replicas to accessorise – exclusively created by Dato’ Dr Farah for Magnum Kuala Lumpur.

Models posing in the designer sweatshirts and hand-beaded dresses

Then it was time for the main attraction as the five dresses were presented – Precious Gold, Luscious Chocolate and Strawberry, Luxurious Chocolate Brownie, Heavenly Almond and Irresistibly Classic – each inspired by the corresponding Magnum flavour. Hand-beading was a feature of each dazzling garment, designed for maximum stunning effect in a reflection of the tantalising appeal of their creamy counterparts.

“The idea of combining chocolate with art and interpreting it into fashion pieces is a brilliant collaboration. It has given me great pleasure to be part of this collaboration,” said Dato’ Dr Farah.

Three of the five hand-beaded dresses will be displayed at Magnum Kuala Lumpur while the other two will go on show at Magnum Putrajaya until June 2015.


The ‘Celebrates Chocolate Pleasure’ campaign also kicked off the Malaysian edition of the Magnum Pleasure Hunt, which is a virtual hunt for fashion pieces that are exclusively designed by Dato’ Dr Farah for Magnum.

Running from 16 April to 24 June, the contest revolves around a story of missing fashion pieces that must be located before the fashion show begins. Over the course of ten weeks, participants must hunt down a total of ten distinctive outfits hidden at different locations on Google Street View by collecting clues through Magnum’s social media platforms (FB, Twitter and Instagram) in order to locate the ‘M’ pin.

Ten minutes of search time per person is allocated daily, but participants can extend that time by purchasing any of the five Magnum ice cream variants and entering the 13-digit product barcode. Be the fastest to spot and click on the ‘M’ pin on Google Street View to win!

The campaign will be supported by a series of activities at One Utama Shopping Mall from 20-24 May. Ten weekly grand prizes include five exclusively tailored Magnum Dresses and five limited edition Magnum Sweatshirts, with 50 premium Magnum sweatshirts by Farah Khan as weekly consolation prizes.

For more information on the campaign, visit and see to participate in the Magnum Pleasure Hunt.

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