Lot 10 Reveals Its New Look

Since opening in 1990, Lot 10 has become a landmark of the bustling shopping district of Bukit Bintang, thanks to its array of shops and mouth-watering F&B choices. But change is afoot and with the current consumer demand trends, the mega-mall is undergoing a major makeover.

Designed to be youthful, fun, creative and connected, part of the new renovations include a remodelling of the interior ceiling with a design inspired by sunlight piercing through a treetop canopy; a new hoisting system that allows creative moving décor pieces to hang down the central atrium; a recently refurbished ground floor atrium with brand new wood panelling and lighting; and a revamped drop-off entrance right next to the monorail station welcoming shoppers with giant ‘Meet’, ‘Play’ and ‘Love’ sculptures, in line with the newly released tagline of ‘MEET.PLAY.#LOVELOT10.’

YTL Land & Development and YTL Hotels & Properties, Vice President Joseph Yeoh launches Lot 10’s new look

Revamped main entrance of Lot 10 with Lottie, Lot 10’s new mascot

New interactive Play Walls

The new hoisting system at the atrium

“The retail industry in Malaysia is facing challenges with an oversupply of new cookie-cutter malls,” explained YTL Land & Development and YTL Hotels & Properties, Vice President Joseph Yeoh.

“As such, we started embarking on a transformation to align our hardware and software developments with the new vision of Lot 10 – a dynamic retail destination for youthful consumers with a trendy digital environment that excites, entertains and engages. It is no longer good enough to be just a mall; Lot 10 must become a social destination of choice.”

Other plans for the mall, coming later this year include a new entry point to catch traffic heading in from the soon-to-be-finished MRT station, as well as new colourful signage on every floor, and Play Walls which will have interactive activities like rock climbing on the sports floor.

New entry point leading straight to the first floor of the mall

The new mall will feature platforms for buskers to share their talent with shoppers

Lastly, an exclusive Lot 10 Cheerleader Squad was announced – a group of young, hip brand ambassadors on hand to help shoppers with directions, store promotions and best buy deals. They will be roaming around the mall, cheering everyone up with personal touches, from handing out a balloon on a rainy day to helping shoppers take selfies, and uploading them to social media platforms.

The Lot 10 Cheerleader Squad, ready to help with any questions or concerns


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