The Lost and The Ecliptic

Date: 22-Apr-2010 To 24-Apr-2010
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)
Admission: RM38 / RM28 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)
Website: Official Website
Category: Theatre
"One morning, she awakes and finds herself transformed into an orchid mantis. She stops at an orchid and pretends to be the orchid. There she remains unseen and undiscriminated. Resting, she is safe, out of human sight."
Using the metaphor of a camouflage insect, this performance draws you into the anonymous lives and private souls of our city. Your neighbour sings her prayers to her deity. When you hear her, do you sing along? Inside a box, a man dances by himself. When he dances with a girl, are they less alone? Their gates keep them safe inside, safe within these beautiful dreams and disguises.
"One is gripped with endless fascination…Kok Man and his team have sketched our ugly, fractured, lovely Kuala Lumpur" Zedeck Siew, Kakiseni.
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