Laced Into Light

Fusing choreography with cutting-edge technology, iLuminate is the hottest new dance act currently blazing a neon lit trail across the globe.

Equal parts innovative, unique and mesmerising, the New York company is the brainchild of Miral Kotb, a software engineer and dancer who wanted to unite her life’s passions – choreography and cutting-edge technology.

Show creator Miral Kotb feilding questions while surrounded by the iLuminate crew

The result is an inventive dance phenomenon that saw iLuminate sweep third place in the sixth season of America’s Got Talent.


Story of Light
The performance is mounted against a story that follows a young artist with a magical paintbrush and his mission to battle a bully who steals the brush. Our young hero and his friends must battle the odds to retrieve the treasure and save the world – an age old story of good vs evil told through a whole new medium. 

The confrontation leads to stunning dance-battle sequences against a cavalcade of musical gems that incorporate hip hop, funk and classical music, with light suits that paint trails in the air while dancers duck and weave around the stage.

Artfully presented in a swift 75 minutes, performers don custom suits bedecked with wireless LEDs, lighting up in precise sync as they strut their stuff on a darkened stage, using the dazzling lights to ‘paint’ colourful trails across the pitch black background 

Coloured streaks of light outline set pieces, lending a cartoon-like effect to the show so that it seems like you’re watching an action comic come to life on stage.

The animated display of syncopated choreography sees dancers in acrobatic sequences with styles embracing ballet, freestyle, breakdance and salsa. The physicality of the show is immense as dancers flip and fly through the air at crazy heights. 

A show highlight is the section-by-section assembly of a ‘robot’ on stage, formed by various members who each represent different parts of the ‘body’ – a routine that requires surgical precision and impeccable timing yet made effortlessly believable by the crew. 

Whether young or young at heart, iLuminate: Artists of Light is a ground-breaking visual show for all ages and is set to grace the Genting International Showroom for two straight months. Expect to be taken on a brilliant journey that seamlessly blends visual trickery, pumping music and air-tight choreography – as long as you follow the light! 

3 May-28 June
ILuminate: Artist of Light
WHERE Genting International Showroom
WHEN 8.30pm (Mon-Fri), 4pm and 8.30pm (Sat), 4pm (Sun)
TEL 03 2718 1118

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