Joanne Kam: LA LA LIAN 2018

26 January 2018: Joanne Kam’s La La Lian Live Stand Up Show

Joanne Kam gave an unforgettable performance at PJ Live Arts recently, showing the audience exactly why she’s Malaysia’s queen of comedy. The stand-up comedian definitely brought out the big guns and hair to the stage!

Opening act, Prakash Daniel warmed the crowd up with his bubbly sense of humor, poking fun at his beard (modeled after Jesus Christ). It was a match made in comedic heaven, Kam and Daniel have previously worked together before so were fairly in tuned with each other work styles and sense of humor.

The lady of the hour made her entrance onto the stage with a gorgeous emerald green dress and enormous amount of bright red hair flowing luxuriously down her shoulders, a clear look of confidence was definitely around Joanne Kam. A true storyteller in her element, she brought us back to her childhood in Penang, being the oldest of 2 girls, Kam was older to her sister by 4 years but fondly calls her sister 3A, because the Chinese believe the number 4 sounds similar to the word death.

After losing both of her parents, she ended up moving to Singapore to work.  Taught the tricks of the trade by gay men, she dressed provocatively and spoke with an air of defiance, creating the illusion of a woman with power. A woman proud of her figure, her message was received loud and clear, that regardless of your shape or size, own who you are and what you wear. Finally, she ended her show on a high note, firmly speaking to all the members in the audience, to always love yourself before you love others, because no one will love you until you know how to do so yourself. 

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