Sunsuria Berhad: Running With Stars Season 3

7 May 2017 :  Sunsuria Berhad gives Malaysians the opportunity to stay fit with their favourite celebrities! Over 3,500 runners recently gathered at Sunsuria City in South Cyberjaya to take part in the Sunsuria Foodiethon Crossover Running With Stars Season 3. The annual event brings together sports and entertainment, allowing participants the chance to run with their favourite international and local stars and celebrities.

The non-competitive race included distances of 5km and 7km, while waiting at the Sunsuria City Celebration Centre for finishers was a spread of 30 food trucks and vendors with a wide variety of fare on offer.

A number of high profile stars from Jazzy international were flown in to grace the event, interacting with participants through a series of on-stage performances and games. Award winning Hong Kong actor Joel Chan, best known for his role as Tso-In in the 2009 crime drama E.U., was present, as well as actress Mandy Wong who starred in acclaimed dramas Suspects In Love and The Hippocratic Crush.

Hong Kong actress Rosina Lam also joined the ranks, as well as local celebrities Aishah Ilias, Nasha Aziz and Joanne Yew.

The charity event raised some RM30,000 which went directly to non-profit organisation, the Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation.


Hong Kong Actor, Joel Chan 
Rosina Lam and Mandy Wong

Aishah Ilias

Nasha Aziz
Joanne Yew and Nasha Aziz


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