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In line with their mission to deliver to their students only the very highest, internationally recognised levels of education, Sunway University College has chosen to twin with four carefully selected, prestigious international universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Through this unique relationship, they offer a range of degree subjects and options to complete foundation and bachelor programmes either in Malaysia, or with one of their premiere global partners, which are detailed below. At Sunway University College, your future success is their ultimate aim. Which is why they select and offer only the best possible international education and career pathways.

Western Michigan University, USA
Business Administration, Engineering, Aviation, Computer Science, Natural Science
This programme offers the opportunity to attain an American degree at a much lower cost, yet retaining true academic quality. Their twinning and transfer features are unique: Students have the option of studying two years at Sunway University College and transferring to their twinning partner, Western Michigan University, to complete the balance of two years before graduating. Or, after studies in Sunway University College, they can transfer their credits to other top American or Canadian universities of their choice.

Lancaster University, UK
Business, Psychology, Hospitality & Tourism, Computer Technology
A carefully planned collaboration between these prestigious two institutions – drawing on the academic excellence and teaching expertise of both – results in an outstanding benefit for those who choose to study in Kuala Lumpur for their Sunway University College Honours degree: they are awarded not one, but two certificates – one by Sunway University College and another by the United Kingdom’s highly respected Lancaster University.

Victoria University, Australia
Business 3+0, Business 2+1, Business 1+2
In the 3+0 twinning degree, students learn the same Bachelor of Business degree as at Victoria University Australia. And while the curriculum, exam questions and exam times are identical to Victoria University, Australia, the difference is that students are located in Malaysia and pay in Ringgit. Other advantages include a more affordable cost of living and easier student visa requirements. Students may still transfer to Australia at any time.

Monash University, Australia
Sunway University College also offers the Monash University Foundation Year – a direct pathway to Victoria, Australia’s famed Monash University – in either Malaysia or Australia, and to other Australian universities. Additionally, through a joint-venture arrangement with Monash, a Monash University-Sunway University Campus has been sucessfully established in Malaysia. This is the first off-shore branch campus of an Australian university, and also Malaysia’s first, and largest, international branch campus.


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