Get Your Shakes On

To many, the idea of watching a play by William Shakespeare live on stage is a daunting experience. Listening to Elizabethan English for two hours and trying to squeeze out the meaning of what’s being said can no doubt be a difficult task. This month, however, you can catch three plays by the Bard presented in three distinct styles that illuminate the complexities of each story.

Arguably Shakespeare’s most tragic story starring the famous Scottish anti-hero, filled with witches, ghosts and murder, ‘the Scottish play’ has a thrilling and violent climax that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.

Watch now as the story is reimagined with a cast attired in opulent Chinese opera costumes, signifying the status of characters such as the king, the general, the queen, warriors and servants. The witches are played by one person handling three puppets, while contemporary make-up embellishes all characters. You’ve never seen Macbeth performed this way… we guarantee it!

Ringkasan Shakespeare
Here’s a zany departure from the norm. In an homage to the Reduced Shakespeare Company, this production delivers all of The Bard of Stratford’s 37 plays in a whirlwind 97 minutes. This fastpaced, highly condensed format is performed by just three hugely talented actors.

The trio take on all the comedies, histories, tragedies and more in one crazy rollercoaster ride, packed with riotous dialogue and magnificently hairbrained acting. This is brevity and abridgement taken to the extreme with chopped up story fragments that will have you cracking up from start to finish. Strapeth in for a wild one!

Shakespeare Demystified: Othello
Lastly, a local troupe that has been systematically deconstructing and sanitising Shakespeare for a number of years now, helping audiences come to grips with what the famous wordsmith was trying to say. The Shakespeare Demystified ensemble aims to deliver Shakespeare’s plays in an approachable 100-minute abridged format.

Established scenes are presented in their original language alongside contemporary English narration, helping tie together context and character development. Catch them perform Othello – a story of jealousy, love, betrayal, ambition and racism – in all its glory this month, featuring one of the most evil villains in theatre history!

3, 5, 9-12 April 2015
WHERE Damansara Performing Arts Centre
WHEN 8.30pm, 3pm (5, 11,12 Apr)
TEL 03 4065 0001

10-13 April 2015
PJ Laugh Fest: Ringkasan Shakespeare
WHERE PJ Live Arts
WHEN 8.30pm
TEL 03 7960 0439

22-26 April 2015
Shakespeare Demystified: Othello
WHERE KL Pac, Sentul Park
WHEN 8.30pm (22-25 Apr), 3pm (25, 26 Apr)
TEL 03 7880 7999

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