A Garden for all Seasons


‘April showers bring May flowers’ as the saying goes but it doesn’t stop there as the eighth edition of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya recently came into full bloom in the administrative capital and will flourish its colours until the end of this week.

Reminiscent of the world-renowned Chelsea Flower Show, this enormous celebration of all things floral – themed Tapestry of Hues – features for the first time ever a dazzling display of seasonal zones with the newly added spring and winter gardens.

These new sections featured precisely controlled climates and housed a riot of tulips, roses, pansies and snapdragons. Cool off in these temperate zones after wandering around the expansive grounds and don’t be alarmed if it starts snowing while you soak up the splendour in the winter garden!

This year’s theme not only pays tribute to the multitude of tendered gardens created for the festival, but also complements the colours inundating Putrajaya’s lush landscape. Taking centre stage among the tapestry is the lily, this year’s thematic flower, and you can expect a showcase of more than 100 species in a dizzying variety of sizes, shapes and colours.


As with previous years, a focal point of the festival is the Floral Pavilion which this year houses the all new Embassy Row. Several embassies have designed stunning gardens in highly creative compositions that highlight the native flowers from their respective countries. Especially impressive is the resplendent rose showcase by the High Commission of Kenya!

The gardens themselves have their own theme, which is ‘Outdoor Lifestyles’, and in keeping with this theme a host of brand new gardens have emerged – the Spa Garden, Pinwheel Garden, English Garden, and the Glamping Garden (glamorous camping), as well as the Spring and Winter Gardens.



Not to be missed is the School and University Gardens Competition where students from universities, primary and secondary schools stretch their creativity in creating their very own plots. 

If the amazing displays inspire you to want to try your hand at gardening, the Garden Bazaar and Horticultural Market has everything a gardener could want from flowering plants and trees to garden furniture and equipment, along with biotech products and a host of landscaping services. 


The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden has been installed as the first friendship garden in Putrajaya, developed in collaboration with the Malaysia-China Friendship Association. This garden stands as the first permanent component at Anjung Floria and will be available to view all year long. 

If you thought the only thing you’ll be doing at Floria is walking around gazing at flowers then think again! More than 300 activities take place daily, ranging from floral arrangement demonstrations, gardening workshops, photography competitions, watercolour arts competitions and a variety of arts and crafts. There’s plenty to see and do, so much so, you’ll need the full nine days to really take in everything on offer. 


Finally, if you’re hungry then make your way to FLORIA Flavours, where authentic cuisines from Malaysia’s various states all converge under one roof. Here you can tickle your taste buds with delights from Malacca, Johor, Perak, Penang and more! 

Royal Floria Putrajaya
WHERE Anjung Floria, Putrajaya
WHEN Ongoing until 7 June
TIME 9am-10pm
TEL 03 8887 7137

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