Frozen Flavours

In the sweltering temperatures of tropical Malaysia, we are always looking for ways to stay cool – and how better to beat the heat than with ice cream? Here are three innovative Malaysian brands that have put their own spin on the delectable dessert.

Coconut jam, coconut oil, coconut milk… why not coconut ice cream? Sangkaya hopes to spread the Malaysian coconut obsession to the world through its indulgent coconut ice cream, which sets itself apart by using coconut milk in place of fresh dairy, cream and egg as the base.

Sangkaya’s signature offering is a hefty four scoops of ice cream served in a fresh coconut half-shell for an authentically rustic experience, crowned with three toppings of your choice – roasted peanuts, sweet corn, Nestum cereal or kidney beans.

Go nuts with them at Jalan Alor, Nu Sentral Shopping Mall and other locations around Malaysia.

The Potong Artisan Pops
A favourite childhood treat of many Malaysians, the humble aiskrim potong or popsicle once took centre stage in the ice cream man’s icebox.

The Potong aims to resurrect that nostalgic childhood experience but with jazzed-up seasonal flavours at Publika, Paradigm Mall and the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre among others. Fruits dominate the menu with all sorts of juicy offerings packed into a refreshing handmade cocktail of allnatural ingredients, including the King itself – premium Musang King durian, paired here with fresh coconut milk.

For the more adventurous, alcoholic pops that use everything from sake to Shiraz will give your treat a real kick.

Inside Scoop
Breaking news: with flavours as quirky as its name, the mere mention of Inside Scoop is enough to make one melt. Their intriguing selection features a mix of souped-up classics like vanilla bean and Valrhona chocolate as well as brazen newcomers inspired by local favourites like kopi peng (iced coffee), cempedak (jackfruit) and, of course, durian.

Their creations are made freshly on-site, helped along by the Italian gelato-making expertise of one of the three founders. Silky smooth with intense flavour, the ice cream is great alone but for something more substantial, have it with waffles in cone or traditional form for a heavenly match.

Find them at popular hangout areas like Bangsar, Subang Jaya or Uptown for a scoop of indulgence.

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