Frank Scott Hew and duet partner Syafinaz Selamat infuse Music and Fashion in “TERPESONA”

Operatic pop song by tenor Frank Scott Hew feat. soprano Syafinaz Selamat

Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2011 – Frank Scott Hew’s premier single and music video titled ‘Terpesona’ was launched yesterday at Celebrities Club, Soho KL in Solaris Mont’ Kiara in Kuala Lumpur.

The event was hosted by Dato’ Mahadzir Lokman and brought celebrity models Amber Chia, Nadine Ann and Stefanie Chua on stage garbed in Keith Kee’s magnificent creations. Over 150 guests and media attended, showing support to the music industry’s first – the collaboration between newcomer tenor Frank Scott Hew and lyrical soprano Syafinaz Selamat.

“Terpesona“, which reveals Frank Scott as two personas – good and evil; both vying for a maiden’s affection – was conceived by the newcomer himself. Frank Scott, also a lifestyle architect who has already strewn performing arts into his life since he was young added that, “venturing into the music industry is something that I never expected and I am really excited about it as music has always been my biggest passion.”

Frank Scott Hew and Syafinaz Selamat                                 Frank Scott Hew

Frank Scott, who has been playing the piano and organ since he was 5 years old, is a Singer as well as a trained Dancer and Choreographer. He has also always been interested in fashion since young and with a distinct style of his own, has successfully merged this sense with his first singing debut in this music release. According to Frank Scott, “I see fashion as an essential expression of one’s personality. In the video, the costumes were important to bring out the fantasy aspect of the song. I hope people will enjoy the music video as much as we enjoyed creating it ”. This is the reason that attracted the myriad of local fashion designers to collaborate with him for the music video.

The four local fashion designers – Key Ng, Keith Kee, Melinda Looi and Michael Ong, collaborated with Frank Scott for “Terpesona”. All were impressed with Frank Scott’s vision for the music video and his artistic direction. Key Ng was so taken that he invited Frank Scott to be his muse for the Stylo Fashion week. Keith Kee met Frank Scott at the same event and was blown away by his opening performance with Syafinaz Selamat. Melinda Looi found out they have one thing in common – most of their designs are conceived from their dreams. Meanwhile, Michael Ong was taken aback when he first heard Frank Scott and Syafinaz sang; “Two big beautiful voices come together… powerful and romantic. [Frank Scott’s] voice is very unique and fits perfectly well with Syafinaz’s. I noticed that Syafinaz is very particular with her work and I believe that Frank Scott is special enough to have gained her trust.”

Frank Scott Hew and celebrity models Nadine Ann, Amber Chia and Stefanie Chua

Frank Scott would readily admit that his musical journey would not have happened in the first place without Syafinaz Selamat, to whom he was introduced by mutual friend Rosnan Abdul Rahman from Istana Budaya. It was through her that he met Hafiz Askiak who composed the fantastical duet for Frank and Syafinaz called ‘Terpesona’ in which he managed to merge Frank’s pop and Syafinaz’s operatic style. The Terpesona project took more than eight months to come to fruition – from composer search to recording, video planning to costume design, finding the right production crew and CGI Animation team – Blaque Media and more. “It was truly a hard and long but fulfilling journey for me,” said Frank Scott. “If I didn’t have the great passion for this, I would have easily given up half way. It was really physically and emotionally exhausting but my heart tells me that this is something that I should do,” he added.

As the Producer and Artistic Director of the project, Frank Scott Hew did not only invest his heart, soul and time but also most of his savings as well. “I feel very blessed and thankful as a lot of people came forward to help put the pieces together. I now have a piece of music that I hope brighten up the Malaysian music industry.” The success of the project was also a result of invaluable support provided by Winnie Loo from A Cut Above; Fabien Wong – Chief Make Up Artist from A Cut Above Academy; Image Stylists Wee Chee and Allien Gan; Abigail Wong and Melissa Chai from Maxis and Sammi from Golden Dynamic who created an amazing digital platform for ‘Terpesona’ and many more.

The cast and crew of TERPESONA

‘Terpesona’ music video and music single by Frank Scott Hew featuring Syafinaz Selamat are both available for purchase via mobile download with your preferred telecommunications provider.

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