Feast at Sundown

Harrod’s Café at Suria KLCC is offering a combination of set menus during the holy fasting month with the launch of the Chef’s Sundown Special. Each year the Malaysian branch of the iconic British brand, which has two outlets situated in one of the city’s most famous malls, creates a mouth-watering customisable three course menu that features the best of both local and western dishes.

The friendly staff, dressed in posh and prim costumes, make sure your experience is seamless from start to finish with a high standard of service that is both attentive and responsive. Choose to have your meal al fresco and surrounded by the charming white picket fence that squares off the area or inside the relaxed and sunlit interior of the restaurant, bathed in natural light. Either way, you’ll be well taken care of in this much loved outlet. 


Priced at a very reasonable RM75.80 nett, the menu begins with a creamy pumpkin soup delicately garnished with whole cream. Coating the mouth in a rich layer of puréed squash and served with bread and butter, the savoury broth is the perfect way to launch into the bevvy of entrees ahead.

Pumpkin Soup

You then have a choice of either three Western or three Asian main courses. You’ll be mulling over the menu for some time as each choice looks as delicious as the next. The two sections comprise three main components; two meat and one fish – a succulent oven-baked quarter chicken, a firm but sweet baked sea perch fillet and a tender, medium cooked pan-fried fillet of beef. The difference between the two sections comes in the sauce and accompanying dishes.

On the Western front, the chicken is served with thyme sauce, the sea perch with butter caper sauce and the fillet of beef with black pepper sauce. Each classic condiment has its own virtues, with the slightly minty thyme and velvety smooth butter caper in contrast to the piquant black pepper. Dishes are accompanied by buttered vegetables and creamy but chunky mashed potatoes.

Baked Sea Perch Fillet with Butter Caper Sauce

Oven-Baked Quarter Chicken with Thyme Sauce Pan-Fried Fillet of Beef with Black Pepper Sauce


On the local side, a green curry, tamarind gravy and rendang gravy spice up the chicken, sea perch and beef respectively, bringing to the table some of Malaysia’s most popular flavours. For those who like it hot, the green curry packs a punch with some serious heat! The tamarind gravy is zesty, sweet, sour and full of tang while the flavour-packed rendang is rich and rife with coconut milk. You’ll be mopping up every last bit with the accompanying biryani rice and vegetables.

Oven-Baked Quarter Chicken with Green Curry

Baked Sea Perch Fillet with Tamarind Gravy Pan-Fried Fillet of Beef with Rendang Gravy


The sweet ending comes in the form of a plate of Malay kueh (four types on daily rotation), mixed fruits, dates and a timeless carrot cake with traditional cream cheese icing. Wash it all down with a cup of steaming Harrods English Teh Tarik, equal parts frothy and creamy with a hint of caramel.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of dining in this charming ground level outlet, now is the perfect time to taste the gamut of culinary offerings available through the Chef’s Sundown Special. On your way out, don’t forget to browse through the expansive glass showcase that greets diners at the inner entrance, housing all manner of breads, pastries, puddings, pies, tarts and cakes. Chances are, you’ll be taking one of their delicious sandwiches away for lunch tomorrow.

Harrods English ‘Teh Tarik’

Malay Kueh Carrot Cake


Harrods Café
Where Lot G03J-K, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Hours 10am-10pm
Tel 03 2165 1111

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