Fashion Forward Batik Kelantan 2018

In collaboration with the YANAS Foundation (Yayasan Noor Al Syakur) and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week comes this exhibition which aims to celebrate the modernisation and progression of Kelantanese Batik.

Six past finalist designers from the Air Asia Runway Ready Designers show were given the task of reinventing the traditional batik concept into ready-to-wear modern outfits. 

The designers, comprising Fiqbah, Syamil Fazwan, Loh Teik Lim, Seza Zulkeple, Roy Xun and Ter Mei Ching, all worked tirelessly to present their own interpretation of the traditional medium with the goal being to maintain Malaysia’s longest fashion heritage while reinventing it to match the fashion styles of today.

With the guidance from fashion designer Andrew Tan, during the KL Fashion Week 2018, the designers showcased their results and received a positive overwhelming reaction from the crowd. 

The efforts of Tengku Puan Temenggong YTM Tunku Dato’ Hajjah Nurhayati Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the founder of YANAS, should also not be forgotten. The force and inspiration behind this show, she intended to maintain the culture and history of the Kelantanese style of Batik.

Tengku Puan Temenggong YTM Tunku Dato’ Hajjah Nurhayati Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj,

In collaboration with Andrew Tan, who is also the founder of KL Fashion Week, they set out to make batik designs more relevant to the present and coming generation. 

With YANAS acting as a strong platform for the inmates of Pengkalan Chepa (Kelantan), as well as designers from UiTM and the local Kelantanese entrepreneurs, this act of pride and patriotism will hopefully sustain the Batik industry of Malaysia. 

Fashion Forward Batik Kelantan
Art Galley, MaTiC (Malaysia Tourism Centre)
WHEN  10am-6pm (8-28 February)
TEL 03 2733 9337

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