Fantasy Rainforest: Call Of The Wild

Grab your friends and family and delve into the Fantasy Rainforest!

Everyday, twice a day, for the past year and a half, the Putrajaya International Convention Centre has played host to one of the nation’s most vibrant live performances in a story that weaves together the magic of Malaysia’s rainforests and their special connection with mankind.

The show, Fantasy Rainforest, pays homage to Malaysia’s jewels of the Earth, its 130 million year old rainforests which stand as some of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world. The sheer scope of flora and fauna found in these vast stretches rivals any in the world – one hectare of these lush forests contains a staggering 14,000 plant species, 200 mammals and 240 types of trees!

As the story unfolds on stage, this diverse ecosystem and many of the unique creatures found in it are highlighted, living harmoniously alongside the indigenous tribes that call the rainforest home. Elaborate stage settings set the scene while an ensemble cast of 60 world class performers bring the show to life.

Cutting-edge lighting and special effects add to the immersive element of the show, which comes packed with cultural performances, mind-boggling stunts, world-class acrobatics and a powerfully-engaging storyline.

The multimillion dollar production was conceptualised over a three-year period, after conducting cross-country studies in Cambodia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and France, and consulting experts in history, culture, environment and nature. The result is a production unlike any other, equally as entertaining as it is educational.

Scientists estimate that around 20% of the world’s animal species are hosted in Malaysia’s rainforests, giving it the distinction of being ‘mega diverse’ by environmental organisation Conservation International. Unfortunately, Malaysia also boasts one of the highest deforestation rates in the world with the World Bank estimating that trees are cut down at four times the sustainable rate.

Give those facts a thought while you watch this wonderful family-friendly show that seeks to underscore the importance of these precious biomes. The Fantasy Rainforest awaits!

Fantasy Rainforest
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC Putrajaya)
WHEN 12.30pm and 6pm (daily)
ADMISSION RM60 (children 3-12 years old), RM120 (adult), RM200 (VIP)
TEL 03 8887 6000

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