Discover the ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ at G13 Gallery

Yuki Tham presents her first solo exhibition! For two weeks in July, G13 Gallery, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most well-known galleries, will host a special art showcase by rising star in the contemporary art scene, female figurative painter Yuki Tham.

Known for her melancholic and deeply poignant artwork, this exhibition will feature 12 oil paintings in various sizes that capture the emotional mapping of the artist.

Covering heartbreak, longing and pain, Yuki creates introspective works that reveal her inner most desires and feelings. She began drawing at an early age, focusing particularly on portraiture because of the variety of emotions that can be conveyed through facial expressions.

“My works are my world. I see art as a process of seeking answers, and a way of ‘fixing’ myself. We are after all, broken in some places. I am predisposed to creating dialogue in my paintings as a means to communicate with viewers,” she explains.

Drawing from personal experiences, Yuki has spent most of her life studying the body, the mind, the soul and character traits of people in her age group. She is known for using female models to help portray expressions relevant to the mood she is exploring at the time.

The results are paintings that act as a diary record of her life; “fragments of my life amplified in colours,” as she puts it.

After taking part in a few group exhibitions and scoring a silver award for UOB Painting of the Year, she is now ready to share her best work with the public for the first time.

Visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of Yuki’s moving paintings when `Beauty Behind The Madness’ opens from 15 July until 28 July at G13 Gallery. The gallery is open daily from 11am to 5pm from Monday through Saturday.

To find out more about the ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ exhibition, check out

Beauty Behind The Madness
WHERE G13 Gallery, GL13, Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square,
WHEN  15-28 July, 11am – 5pm
TEL 03 7880 0991


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