Delectable Dining At DC Mall

Damansara City Mall, or DC Mall for short, is one of the newer inductees in KL’s ever-growing shopping centre assemblage. As given away by the name, it is sited in Damansara City, an emerging development north of Bangsar and east of Bukit Damansara.

Traipse around the mall and it becomes clear that it’s a place not just for shoppers looking for a change of scene, but also foodies clamouring for a dining experience to savour. There is no shortage of restaurants catering to all palates and wallets under the DC Mall roof, including these lovely examples. 

With a marked Contemporary American character entwined into its meals and ambience, Birch appeals to a wide range of diners. It’s easy to find comfort in the serenely rustic yet appreciably modern setting this restaurant possesses, and equally as easy to admire the depth of offerings from the kitchen.

Western, Asian and fusion creations jostle for space on the menu, prepared with creative techniques that unleash extraordinary flavours upon the taste buds. Breakfast, lunch and dinner items take many forms, giving you the option to sample what speaks to you. Playing on its versatility, Birch is also a great place to have that reflective afternoon cuppa, or a few drinks with friends in the evening.

G-10/11, DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 9am-1am (Mon-Thurs), 9am-2am (Fri-Sat), 9am-5pm (Sun)
03 2011 5966


As one of the more renowned Thai restaurants in the city, it is only a given that patrons hold high expectations even before appearing at Erawan’s front door. They are right to do so, as this champion of Siamese cuisine does not fall short, relying on the potently good recipe of exquisite food served in a premium environment.

The brains of the operation is Chef Korn Yodsuk, who attained valuable cooking pointers from his grandmother. He strives to construct authentic Thai dishes with proper ingredients and taste profiles. From classic meals to more experimental concepts, he makes sure each plate or bowl earns its place on the restaurant’s tables.

WHERE L1-17/18, DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur
11am till late
03 2788 4180


Lending weight to its name, which is the French word for sun, this restaurant and wine bar shines brightly as a modern European fine dining venue with a lengthy wine list. The kitchen is staffed by highly experienced individuals, churning out mouth-watering courses that leave diners eager for more.

Although the dishes have western underpinnings, local ingredients are incorporated into the preparation, making for a lovely twist to each one. Tell the sommelier what you are partial to in the broad strokes, and he will wield his magic to hunt down the exact bottle of white or red to complement your repast.

WHERE L2-13A/15, DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur
10am-10.30pm (Weekdays), 9am-10.30pm (Weekends)
03 20118261

Nero Nero

Its distinctive location on a third-floor courtyard grants Nero Nero an uncommon al fresco dining experience, one that is enriched by cooling breezes and cool perspectives of the surrounding skyscrapers. The indoor dining section is no less impressive, sporting an unmistakably Italian design language that is eloquently expressed with monochromatic details, tasteful features and even a fountain among the tables.

The food here is quite distinct as well, embodying a California Italian ethos that emphasises on fresh and sustainable ingredients. The dedicated kitchen team is focused on creating the best dining experience possible, and the menu changes every so often as the head chef sees to the birth of new dishes.

WHERE L3-02, DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur
03 2011 3811


With a name that translates to caring or paying attention to others, you can count on being well looked after at this Japanese establishment which exudes a crisp, minimalistic ambience. The limelight here is trained at the exclusive beverage journey that is Kikubari Sake + Wine + Tapas.  It is a veritable discovery of flavours courtesy of the capable sommeliers. 

At your disposal during this illuminating taste trip is a variety of Nippon dishes selected to perfectly correlate with the alcoholic beverages. From ingredients that are brought in from Japan, to preparation techniques instilled with traditional and modern ways, these items are available à la carte or in a tasting menu.

WHERE L3-01A, DC Mall
WHEN 6.30pm-12am (Mon-Sat)
03 2011 8200

Locker Room 

Move further away from breakfast, lunch and dinner spots and closer to the places that oblige you to knock back a few, and you will arrive at Locker Room. The choice of name is no folly, as this sports bar is inspired by the changing rooms found at stadiums and other sporting facilities. It’s a lively place that fosters camaraderie, ideal for that get-together with your buddies.

Being a sports bar, it’s also a superb venue to catch the game on the telly, cheering your team on with maximum enthusiasm. A good spread of hearty food and ample beer and liquor choices are on tap to keep you going for hours on end.

WHERE L3-01B, DC Mall
12pm-1am (Mon-Fri), 4pm onwards (Sat)
03 2011 6322

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