A Colourful Eve-ning At Neon Countdown

The last day of December is also one of the busiest, thick with a flurry of festivities that intensify after sundown to commemorate the final hours of the year. As with most capital cities, the New Year’s Eve get-together in KL takes varied forms, be it a house party, a club do or even a large-scale event at a public landmark.

Among these year-end bashes is one that has earned itself a reputation for being an enthralling way of approaching midnight on the evening of 31 December. Saturated with liberal amounts of music, colour and all-around awesome vibes, the Neon Countdown is a NYE extravaganza that will take you on a wild ride straight into 2018!

Music, Love and Experience
With an illustrious history of sensational past iterations as a guarantor, this year’s edition of the Neon Countdown promises a glowing, hair-let-down affair to rival the best night outs you’ve had in 2017. Revolving around three pillars – music, love and experience – the festival tenders a lively setting to foster an infectious celebratory mood among attendees.

Central to the revelry is undoubtedly the music, and a veritable sound brigade occupying the stage throughout the night ensures that this vital party fuel is topped off with a selection of extremely danceable tracks. Headlined by international DJdeejays Kshmr and Dimatik, expect top-quality mixes to shake up the venue and take over your body in the midst of strobing lights and an animated crowd.

Adding to the vibrancy is a Neon Countdown tradition – turning skin into canvas and going crazy with UV painting! Each ticket comes with a party kit that includes the non-toxic paint, allowing you to flaunt any sort of luminous design you want, as long as it isn’t offensive! Your face, arm or any other bit of exposed skin is prime decoration real estate to enhance your overall party look, which can be jazzed up even further with LED accessories.

Needless to say, the climax arrives in the form of the actual New Year countdown, chanted in unison with hundreds of fellow revellers. As soon as 11.59pm turns to 12am, a spectacular fireworks show is set to light up the sky in a cascade of colours, ushering in 2018 in a truly unforgettable fashion.

Neon Countdown 2017
Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon, Bandar Sunway
WHEN 5pm till late (31 Dec)

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