Catch The Malaysia Cyber Games This Weekend!

9 January 2018:  
Grab your free tickets to one of the year’s biggest gaming tournaments!

The E-Sports mega-tournament Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 (MCG) will take place this 13 and 14 January, and is expected to draw some 10,000 visitors into the Putra World Trade Centre.

So far, 1,081 amateur gamers have registered to do battle across the nine different games offered for competition, with a total of RM300,000 up for grabs. MCG is targeted at the amateur segment with the aim to find top gamers in the industry and to further develop the sector.

Visitors to the MCG will be able to watch gamers compete in titles including DOTA 2 (RM50,000 prize), FIFA18 (RM50,000 prize), Counterstrike: GO (RM45,000 prize), Tekken 7 (RM40,000 prize), Mobile Legends (RM30,000), Street Fighter V (RM25,000), F1 2017 (RM10,000), Injustice 2 (RM10,000) and Player Unknown’s Battle Ground.

The soft launch of the MCG with MCMC Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak (fourth left) and other dignitaries

The event will also feature a sprawling digital technology exhibition, and visitors will also be able to try their hand at a selection of computer games, and take part in a lucky draw with fantastic prizes such as Razer phones, Logitech keyboards and a customised gaming right worth RM5,000.

Cyber games and eSports have been become a multibillion dollar industry and in Malaysia, these have become big earners for the local economy. A year-on-year growth of 16.3% for the past few years is testament to that.

Initiatives such as the Malaysia e-Sports League, e-sports academy, MCG and other events supported by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry (MCMC) via Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) are attracting ever more foreign investors to Malaysian shores.

Malaysia Cyber Games 2018
WHERE Putra World Trade Centre, 41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 8am-11pm (13 Jan), 8am-10pm (14 Jan)


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