The Bootleg Beatles Live In KL

It’ll be tough to suppress the urge to call someone a liar if they told you they haven’t heard of The Beatles. The quartet of cheeky lads from Liverpool quickly saw to expanding their followers from dozens to millions within months of their formation in 1960, with their knack of churning out timeless melodies. Beatlemania spread into popular culture, and the Beatles became the bestselling band ever, with over 800 million albums retailed!

20 years after the original Fab Four first basked in the limelight, The Bootleg Beatles saw the light of day, brought to life by the cast of London’s West End hit show Beatlemania. These four men cut no corners when it comes to paying homage to their muse, painstakingly recreating all the elements that define The Beatles to a tee. From the easier bits like costumes and instruments to the harder ones such as the ‘Liverpudlian’ banter and pitch-perfect singing, they nail it all.

It’s no surprise then that they are regarded as the top The Beatles tribute band, and have performed over 4,000 shows across the globe. On 16 November, they will be showering KL with hefty doses of sentimentality.

The Bootleg Beatles Live In KL
WHERE The Bee, Publika
WHEN 7.30pm (16 Nov)
TEL 03 6203 2011

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