BMW Concept 8 Series Graces Kuala Lumpur

Back in 1989, an iconic shape was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show – the first-generation BMW 8 Series. Sleek and low-slung, it was a Grand Tourer with pop-up headlights, multi-link suspension and a roaring 5.6L V12 married to a 6-speed manual. With some fancy add-ons and an upper-class pedigree about it, the car had all the makings for an instant classic. In the ten years that it was for sale, only some 30,000 units were made, so a mint condition one is not exactly easy to come by today.

Nearly three decades later, BMW finally revealed a follow-up to this car in the form of the BMW Concept 8 Series, which first thrilled onlookers at the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy. Taking design cues from its predecessor, this new iteration is a magnificent work of art that hugs the ground. Flares and creases mix with dramatic angles and sculpted elements to form an overall appearance that simply reels in stares.

This is BMW’s interpretation of a long-legged cruiser, and they have thrown all their know-how behind it, from striking looks to state-of-the art materials, construction and technology. It’s a similar story inside in the futuristic cabin. It doesn’t take long in the presence of the Concept 8 to summarise that is the embodiment of feral styling and advanced engineering.

No clear word has been uttered in terms of the capabilities of this car, but wise money can be placed on it matching or bettering the other top-performing vehicles in the Bavarian automaker’s stable, particularly those wearing the much-respected M badge.

If the rumour mill is to be believed, there might even be an M8 on the cards, with ridiculous numbers on its spec sheet. The F90 M5 serves as a fitting taster in this regard.

Till the BMW Concept 8 loses its middle name, the car remains restrained to its showroom-only self, which is still garnering attention on its global tour. It arrived in Kuala Lumpur on 22 February 2018, and bids the city goodbye on 7 March. The Concept 8 puts up in the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, sited at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. The portable structure is also houses names that rub shoulders with BMW, including Hugo Boss, Dior, Moët Hennessey Diageo, Space, and Wei-Ling Gallery.  

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