Backstreet’s Back!

If you grew up grooving to the infectious beat of Everybody, serenaded a significant other with As Long As You Love Me, or moped in your room to the aching strains of Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, you knew the Backstreet Boys. 

The smooth harmonies of A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell dominated the airwaves during the boy band heyday in the 90s, producing no fewer than eight albums and 11 tours to earn themselves seven Grammy Award nominations and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. With over 130 million records sold to date, this five-piece group is the best-selling boy band in history and one of the most successful music acts ever. 

Been stuck enviously watching their live performances on Youtube? Ever wished you could see them in person? In a world like this, dreams do come true and the Livescape Group, in partnership with Live Nation, aims to do just that by bringing the boys down this May 3. Dust off those old CDs and start re-learning those familiar lyrics so you can sing along with them at Stadium Negara! 

These Larger Than Life singers are no stranger to Malaysia, with their first visit being the 2005 Force of Nature for Tsunami Aid concert and the second in 2013 for the Twin Towers Alive performance, but this is the first time that Kuala Lumpur has featured as a stop in a world tour of theirs. 

This will be the band’s first tour as a complete group in seven years, as Kevin Richardson only rejoined the outfit in 2012, and is meant to support their eighth studio and first independent album – In A World Like This. 

Created for the 20th anniversary of the band’s formation, all of the members contributed significantly to the songwriting process and have stated in interviews that it reflects their own life experiences. The album has already spawned new singles In A World Like This and Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of), both inspiring, upbeat tunes that have enjoyed a good run on Malaysian radio playlists. 

If you’re longing for them to indulge your nostalgia, however, fret not – set lists taken from other countries indicate that BSB will be performing a good mix of all-new songs from the album and hit favourites from their previous compilations. 

Despite being known for their slick moves and impeccable choreography, the Backstreet Boys aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces – Richardson plays the keyboard, Littrell and Carter play the acoustic guitar, Dorough plays bass while McLean plays percussion and Cajon – and their performances generally include short acoustic sets where they are free to demonstrate their instrumental talents. 

Quit Playing Games – don’t wait for The Call to Get Down with this talented quintet! Come see these Shining Stars and show them the Shape Of Your Heart at Stadium Negara this month of May. You don’t need to be Incomplete any more…in fact, you might feel that they were Never Gone!

Here’s an all-time favourite to get you started:


Backstreet Boys In A World Like This Tour Live In Malaysia
WHERE Stadium Negara
WHEN 3 May (7.30pm)
TEL 03 7880 7999

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