AXA Affin Launches Telematics Motor Insurance

The Malaysian motor insurance landscape has seen some changes lately, with detariffication being introduced beginning July 1 2017. Now insurance company AXA Affin offers the motorist more control over their own premiums, by unveiling the first telematics motor insurance to be seen in Malaysia!

Called AXA FlexiDrive, customers who opt for this new AXA offering – at no additional cost over their standard premium – would have a telematics device fitted on their vehicle, enabling information such as driving habits, speed and mileage to be monitored. 

Drive safer and save more 
Based on your recorded driving behaviour and patterns, you will obtain scores that could determine how safe a driver you are. If the system detects no instances of speeding or harsh driving, the vehicle owner accumulates premium discounts, which could amount to as much as 20%, on their subsequent renewal!
The telematics device is able to detect car crashes and alert emergency services

Enhanced safety on the road
There is also a valuable safety feature offered AXA FlexiDrive. The telematics device is programmed to recognise a crash; and should the impact exceed the severity threshold, an automatic crash alert will be triggered with emergency assistance being notified of your exact accident location. 

24/7 vehicle security 
Further peace of mind is provided by the device’s ability to detect if your vehicle falls into the hands of thieves. In the event that the car is damaged or stolen, real time alerts will catalyse the recovery process by letting the police know the vehicle’s precise location.

To top it off,  AXA has developed the AXA FlexiDrive mobile app, where you can view personalised driving tips to improve your driving skills, as well as check the status and health of your car’s components, including the battery, ignition, odometer and more.  You could also view your Safe Driving Discounts on the app. 

To learn more about the motor insurance detariffication, watch the following video: 

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