Asahi goes Robotic

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia and Toshio Kodato, Director & Corporate Officer of Asahi Group Holdings sharing a toast with Mr. Asahi.

Ever seen a robotic bar tender? Neither have Iuntil recently at the Asahi party thrown at the Sunway Resort Hotel. The grand ballroom was transformed into the swankyClub Asahi, and the special guest for the night was none other than Mr. Asahi, the world’s first robotic bartender, capable of pulling pints and cracking open bottles. He’ll even listen to you complain and moan about life if that’s what you need from him.

The special appearance by Mr. Asahi comes in the wake of Carlsberg Malaysia’s increased distribution and local production of the premium beer, Asahi Super Dry. The brew is now available in draught, 320ml cans, 325ml pints and 640ml bottles throughout the country. The clean, crisp and refreshing taste,devoidof bitterness can now be experienced all over the peninsular.SorenRavn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, emphasized the importance of brewing the beer locally as this is the single key factor in assuring product freshness.

Director & Corporate Officer of Asahi Group Holdings, Mr. Toshio Kodato, who specially flew in all the way from Japan for this memorable occasion commended Carlsberg Malaysia for being one of the best quality breweries in the region being ranked second in the Carlsberg Group worldwide. In order for Asahi beers to be brewed locally, a strict standard has to be adhered to by local brewers and approval from the Asahi top brass is not easily handed out. The fact that Carlsberg Malaysia are brewing Asahi locally is a testament to the exceptional quality and standards of the brewery in Shah Alam and is a perfect complement to the existing range of brands under the Carlsberg umbrella.

The robotic barman will be going on a nationwide tour in his very own self-contained party wagon with an entourage consisting of dancers, a DJ and even a dance floor that unfolds wherever the party takes him. Mr. Asahi is able to serve guests in less than 2 minutes, saving an average of 13 minutes per person. With that kind of efficient service, you’ll never want to leave his bar! He’ll be serving up numerous venues around KL, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang until May 15th and you can follow his trail by logging onto Don’t miss the robotic bar tender in action.

Written by Michael Kuscher

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