The Arts Come Alive

The third edition of the DPAC Arts Festival presents a cornucopia of artists from around the world

The highly acclaimed DPAC Arts Festival returns this month with the theme Convergence, drawing together a compelling mix of theatre, dance, music, site-specific performances and a family-friendly arts bazaar. There’s something for everyone over the 10-day period, with both international and local talent gracing the event.

The festival opens with indigenous Taiwanese singer Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, whose penetrating voice has the ability to transport listeners to the lands of the Pinuyumayan where he was raised. Mavaliyw sings with an ease and fluidity that make his concerts transcendental in nature, musically expressing the roots of his people through stirring tones.

Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw


On the dance front, German choreographer Paula Rosolen presents a piece that features puppets but focusses on the movements of those that control them – the puppeteers. The resulting choreography gives a whole new perspective to dance as an artform.

With that, we move on to the theatrical portion of the festival, headlined by the Spanish Kulunka Theatre Company, famous for its experimental take on performance. Not a word is spoken in André & Dorine; instead miming, music and masks unfold a story about an elderly couple faced with Alzheimer’s.

Next up is Malaysia’s National Arts Awards 2006 winner Zamzuriah Zahari who weaves together traditional Malay theatre with contemporary flair in Section by Stesen – a show performed in Kelantanese Malay with English subtitles.

André & Dorine

Dancing in Place – City Site 2017

Rounding out the festival is a fun-filled weekend with the pARTiii Bazaar and the site-specific performance of Dancing in Place – City Site 2017.

The former is a profusion of arts, crafts and performances, where visitors can indulge in workshops, a variety of showcases and handcrafted goods for most of the day. The latter is a performance that will take audiences on roaming tour, utilising DPAC’s constructs to create unique choreographic dialogues between dancer and architecture.

DPAC Arts Festival 2017
Damansara Performing Arts Centre
WHEN 10-19 July
TEL 03 4065 0001

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