Amouage Opens Second Store in KL

25 July 2017:  
Amouage Pavilion is the brand’s fifth outlet in Malaysia

Committed to international expansion, Amouage opens its second store in Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion Mall in response to the appetite of discerning patrons in the country.

Twice the size of its predecessor at 2,000 square feet, the new Kuala Lumpur outlet will be showcasing the full range of Amouage famed perfumes, Italian fine leather accessories, printed Italian handmade silk scarves as well as fragrant home and bath collections.

Aside from Amouage’s signature fragrances, leather and silk accessories are also available at the store
Fine detailing on an Amouage leather pouch underlines the prestige the brand offers

Chic, uncompromising, of sophisticated quality and refined style, the brand’s fine fragrance is a unique concept of interesting and unusual juxtaposition. This standalone store in the heart of KL will provide an intimate experience for customers as they explore the complete spectrum of their luxurious collections.

“Opening standalone shops in key opinion-forming cities enables the brand to be seen in its entirety, the full product mix in its own environment, presenting the purest expression of brand DNA,” said David Crickmore, CEO of Amouage.

Amouage’s new store exudes warmth and distinctive style while still encompassing its hallmark timeless elegant aesthetic and individuality. With bronze and burgundy accents and subtle lighting, the store stands as a masterpiece of brand’s creative director, Christopher Chong. An enthralling blend of traditional and modern it is filled with antiqued mirrored glass and delicately etched bone corian-sided furnishings.

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