All You Can Eat

There’s no better way  to sample a large selection of different cuisine in the shortest amount of time than attending a self-service buffet, and our culinary repertoire in Malaysia has so much to offer. Buffets are most common in hotels as they are designed to serve a large number of people at once and there is usually at least one dedicated buffet restaurant per establishment.

They generally serve a different selection of food depending on the time of day, so take note of their opening hours as the restaurant may need to close for a few hours between each meal to prepare the next. For the ravenous, a buffet is perfect as you can eat unlimited amounts immediately.

As well as Malaysian favourites, there is usually an extensive range of cuisine from all over the world, from Chinese to European to Japanese. The higher-end buffets even offer oysters, sashimi and other luxurious delights. 

To attend a buffet, you usually pay an entry fee that varies according to the establishment. Once inside, the spread makes it tempting to pile everything in sight on your plate, but control yourself – food wastage is discouraged and some restaurants even charge you by the gram for the amount of food left on your plate. Instead, strategise!

You know how much you can eat, so make a round of the restaurant and explore what’s on offer. Then decide what you’d really like to try, grab a plate and begin.


If you want to try the biggest variety of food possible, then it’s best to take small portions of each dish to prevent your stomach from filling up so quickly.

Some buffets have chefs at special stations who will cook food on the spot for you, such as omelettes, pizza, noodles and more. It can be fun – and delicious – to eat something freshly cooked in front of you,made just the way you like it.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to try everything. Come back another day and taste the rest – with the huge variety available, you’ll never be bored. Not sure where to go? Check out the listings in our dining highlights and give this all-you-can-eat experience a try at some of KL’s finest establishments!




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